Rustic Vegetables

Sliced ​​onion, red pepper, green pepper, aubergine and zucchini

Peppers from Padron

Green peppers from Padron are legendary. Now you can enjoy them at home, in just 2 minutes.

Grilled Shallots

Scorched and grilled shallots, known locally as calçots, are a seasonal delicacy sold between December and April.

Potatoes and Extra Fine Peas

Potatoes with extra fine peas embody our philosophy. Monalisa potatoes—the best on the market—are peeled and cut by hand.

Potatoes with Black Pepper

This is our tribute to caliu style baked potatoes. Monalisa potatoes are vacuum cooked with aromatic black pepper.

Potato Salad

Our potato salad incorporates the best vegetables from our suppliers.


Peeled, cut and quartered artichokes are packaged for vacuum cooking.

Mixed Vegetables

Our mixed vegetables are based on the careful selection of vegetables, which, thanks to technology, retain all of their flavor and texture.

Green Beans

Green beans are one of the most popular products in our catalogue.

Potato and Chistorra Sausage Omelet Mix

Our potato and chistorra sausage mix for two eggs is the ideal solution for a homemade omelet, but with a special touch; make the best of your time with guaranteed success.

Potato and Onion Omelet Mix

The potato and onion omelet base for two eggs is the ultimate solution for a quick, homemade omelet, but with half the work and excellent results.